Tile flooring is stunning and durable

Britt's realizes that having the ideal floor for your house is important. With our team, you can pick out the best flooring from ceramic and porcelain tile. We can also help you pick the best products for your place.
Floor installation isn't always easy, but with our tile flooring specialists, you can get your stylish new floor for the kitchen, bathroom, patio, or other rooms set up with minimal hassle and maximum proficiency.
Begin with our specialists today to choose the perfect floor for your space and transform your dreams into a reality!

Why choose tile flooring?

Tile floors are a superb choice for anyone who desires a home with sturdy and easy-to-maintain floors. Tile flooring has a non-porous surface, making it impervious to stains, mold, and mildew. You can change a single tile without redoing the entire floor if a tile gets cracked or chipped.   Apart from being sturdy and easy to clean, tile flooring provides many style options. Tile floors offer several colors, dimensions, and textures. You can always customize your flooring to your liking.

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Choose from porcelain or ceramic tile

You can choose from amazing floors that can be mixed and matched to show your taste.   A recommended choice and a superb option is porcelain. It is one of the strongest tile flooring products in the industry, helping it handle heavy foot traffic. It is also extremely sturdy because the color of porcelain flows through the entire tile, not just the surface.   Numerous homeowners prefer ceramic tile due to its moisture resistance and effortless cleaning. From water to pollen, dust and dirt can be cleaned up fast. It's the ideal option for an easy yet gorgeous floor covering!   If you need assistance choosing between our collection of products, our sales professionals are thrilled to give you all the information you need. Just let us know what you need, and our tile shops in Lawrenceville, GA, and Monroe, GA, can help you make an educated choice. Get in touch with one of our tile flooring professionals today.

The greatest design for the greatest customers

Our team can also assist with your tile flooring design. We understand this component is essential!   Some clients understand what they want but not how they want it. From textures to colors, we will help you design what your areas will look like to get the style of your dreams! This way, you can pick the perfect design with complete confidence.
Tile from Lawrenceville, GA or Monroe, GA from Britt's

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Our team is the finest installers as well. Our excellent tile services give you the peace of mind that you're picking wisely. From a single area to your entire house, our specialists work with both swiftness and accuracy to provide you with stunning flooring that holds up.

Visit our tile flooring store when you're ready for the best materials and services. We look forward to helping you get the best remodel.

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