Create a Stylish and Cozy Space With Expertly Crafted Custom Area Rugs From Britt’s

Create a Stylish and Cozy Space With Expertly Crafted Custom Area Rugs From Britt’s

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An area rug can define and enhance any room in your Lawrenceville or Monroe home, instantly adding warmth, texture, and visual interest. As a leading family-owned flooring store, Britt’s understands the discerning tastes of our clients, who desire unique and personalized solutions that cater to their homes' aesthetics and functions. Custom area rugs offer the perfect answer, allowing homeowners to create their one-of-a-kind pieces by selecting materials, sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns that reflect their personal style.

Choosing a custom area rug for your living space means making an investment in quality while expressing your creativity. To ensure that you create a masterpiece that meets your needs and preferences, it's essential to consider factors such as foot traffic, room layout, material choice, and maintenance. These elements not only influence the rug's overall appearance but can also significantly impact its durability and longevity.

Today, we will explore the many benefits of opting for a custom area rug from Britt’s and discuss the various factors to consider throughout the design process. We are committed to providing our clients in Lawrenceville and Monroe with exceptional products and services to help turn their dream homes into reality.

So, whether you're looking to add a striking focal point to your living room, create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, or design a stunning entranceway, let's embark on your custom rug journey together. We’ll make sure that you end up with a beautiful, high-quality area rug that complements the aesthetics of your home perfectly.

1. Benefits of Custom Area Rugs: Style, Comfort, and Versatility

Custom area rugs offer numerous benefits for homeowners in Lawrenceville and Monroe, the foremost being the ability to personalize the design, color, size, and material to complement your unique taste. Customization ensures that your area rug reflects your personality while seamlessly integrating with your existing decor. In addition to aesthetic appeal, custom area rugs also add a layer of comfort underfoot, thanks to the soft and plush materials that can be chosen for their construction.

Beyond aesthetics and comfort, custom area rugs deliver versatility. They can be used to separate specific zones within an open-concept living space, create visual continuity between rooms, or protect your existing flooring from wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs can also be quickly and easily changed or updated as your design preferences evolve, making them a cost-effective and flexible decor option for your home.

2. Key Considerations for Custom Area Rug Design

When designing your custom area rug, there are several critical factors to consider, including:

- Material: The choice of material impacts the rug's durability, comfort, and maintenance requirements. Popular options include wool, nylon, and polyester, each offering unique benefits and drawbacks. Wool is a luxurious and soft material that is naturally stain-resistant, but it can be more expensive and require professional cleaning. Nylon is highly durable and resistant to wear, while polyester offers a plush feeling underfoot and is often more budget-friendly.

- Size: Determine the appropriate rug size for your space, considering the room's dimensions, furniture arrangement, and your desired effect. Large area rugs can create a sense of cohesion within a room, while smaller rugs can define specific areas or accentuate particular features.

- Shape: Custom area rugs can be designed in various shapes, from traditional rectangles and squares to unique ovals, or rounds.

- Colors and Patterns: Colors and patterns play an essential role in achieving your desired aesthetic. Carefully consider color schemes that complement your existing decor, and opt for patterns and designs that reflect your personal style while enhancing the room's overall atmosphere.

3. Custom Area Rugs in Different Rooms of Your Home

Custom area rugs can be incorporated into various rooms of your Lawrenceville or Monroe home, including:

- Living Room: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a plush area rug that anchors your furniture arrangement, or add a vibrant pop of color to draw attention to a specific focal point.

- Dining Room: Enhance your dining space with an elegant area rug that defines the seating area while protecting your flooring from possible spills or damage caused by dining chairs.

- Bedroom: Add warmth and comfort by placing a soft area rug beneath your bed. You can also use multiple rugs to define distinct spaces within a larger bedroom, such as a reading nook or sitting area.

- Entryway: Make a lasting first impression by incorporating a statement area rug in your entryway that showcases your unique sense of style and provides a layer of protection for hard surface floors.

4. Caring for Your Custom Area Rug

Proper care and maintenance are crucial to ensuring the longevity and beauty of your custom area rug. Regular vacuuming helps remove dirt, debris, and allergens, while periodic professional cleaning can help refresh colors and extend the rug's lifespan. It's also essential to address spills and stains promptly, using appropriate cleaning products according to the rug's material and manufacturer's recommendations.


Custom area rugs offer endless possibilities to make your home truly one-of-a-kind. By considering factors such as material, design, size, shape, and proper maintenance, you can create an area rug that adds style, comfort, and versatility to your living space. At Britt’s, we invite you to explore our custom area rug offerings and let our experienced team assist you in finding the perfect area rug tailored to your unique needs. Browse our collections, request a Free Estimate, and call us for flooring installation in Lawrenceville and Monroe. Don't hesitate to make your dream home a reality with our family-owned, exceptional flooring store located in both Lawrenceville and Monroe.